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Secure your web access with ease

NEOWAVE products enable you to effectively protect your IT environment against cyberattacks. They integrate reinforced security components and are based on the FIDO2 protocol and Passkey technology (access key) for passwordless authentication. Whether you are a business or an individual, you benefit from strong authentication on the web and in the cloud in just a few clicks.

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FIDO authentication

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Based on asymmetric cryptography

Technique using a pair of private/public keys called Passkeys, resistant to phishing

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A simplified customer experience

A passwordless authentication

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Passkeys are more resistant to phishing than passwords and OTP via SMS

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Designed to be scalable and can be used on many websites or applications

Winkeo-C FIDO2

29,99 Tax included


Winkeo-C FIDO2 is a USB-C security key for for strong authentication to online services and applications on fixed and mobile terminals. It adds extra security and protects your accesses from phishing attacks or password theft.

Reference: 3760308520200

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Winkeo-A FIDO2

24,99 Tax included


Winkeo-A FIDO2 is a USB-A security key for strong authentication on the web and the cloud. It adds additional security and protects your accesses from phishing attacks or password theft.

Reference: 3760308520019

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Badgeo NFC FIDO2

29,99 Tax included

Badgeo NFC FIDO2 is a contactless NFC smart card that enables strong and simplified authentication on the Web and in the Cloud. It thus offers a large number of companies the possibility of accessing logical and physical security solutions, standardized and very easy to install. It integrates a JavaCard component certified Common Criteria EAL6+. It is used with a badge reader or a smartphone (NFC).

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Badgeo FIDO2 + QSCD

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Badgeo FIDO2 + QSCD is a contact smart card with middleware. Designed for FIDO and PKI applicationsit is compatible with the FIDO2 (CTAP 2.1) and FIDO U2F standards and uses a PKI applet certified eIADS QSCD (Qualified electronic Signature Creation Device). It meets European security requirements such as eIDAS, QSCD, and PSD2. This card enables both strong authentication on the Web and in the Cloud, as well as a qualified electronic signature. It offers professionals high-level security solutions that are easy to deploy.

Reference : 3760308520613

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Why choose our products?

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Optimal anti-phishing solution

The private key is stored on your Winkeo USB security key or Badgeo smart card. Authentication is only possible with your device.

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A very high level of security

They incorporate an EAL5+ Common Criteria-certified smart card component, guaranteeing robust, reliable protection for your data.

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Trusted products

They are made in France and labeled “Cybersecurity Made in Europe”. Our FIDO2 security keys are certified by ANSSI.

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Compliant with European security requirements

They meet the highest European standards, such as RGS, GDPR, PSD2, and NIS 2.

How to secure your connection with Winkeo FIDO2 and Badgeo FIDO2?

  • Make your connection easier with our FIDO authentication solutions

    Insert your Winkeo FIDO2 key into the USB port of your device, enter your PIN code that you have previously created. The security key flashes, press the golden button to authenticate and log in.

    For the Badgeo card, insert or swipe it on your device, then enter your PIN.

What are passkeys?

The FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online), made up of tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, aims to strengthen authentication security by reducing the use of passwords on the web and in the cloud.

It offers open standards for phishing-resistant connections and has developed the FIDO protocol including the FIDO2 standard, based on the passkey mechanism.

This passwordless authentication method relies on cryptographic key pairs: a public key registered on the site or application, and a private key stored securely on the user's device (computer, smartphone or security key). This approach simplifies connections and makes them more secure against phishing attacks.

The FIDO protocol also includes the FIDO U2F standard for two-factor authentication. A Winkeo FIDO2 (+U2F) security key or a Badgeo FIDO2 (+U2F) card is required in addition to the password and username, thus providing a second, highly secure authentication step. Many sites are FIDO U2F compatible..

However, passwordless authentication via Passkeys represents the most secure authentication method. Passkeys offer exceptional robustness against phishing attacks, providing what is known as strong authentication. To use them, you need to access the options of the online site or service and create an access key. Already implemented by many platforms, the number of services supporting Passkeys continues to grow rapidly. For services that do not yet support them, two-factor authentication via a USB security key or smart card is recommended to ensure effective protection against cyber attacks.


An interoperable security architecture based on simplified PKI

Many online services compatible with FIDO2 (+ U2F)


No need for passwords or resets anymore

Works with common browsers and OS

Does not require any software installation on the client workstation


Recommended by Google and Microsoft

Our FIDO2 products are compatible with

windows 10
azure active directory
Windows 11 compatible avec le protocole FIDO2 des produits de NEOWAVE
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