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Winkeo-A FIDO2

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Winkeo-A FIDO2 is a USB-A security key for strong authentication on the web and the cloud. It adds additional security and protects your accesses from phishing attacks or password theft.

Reference: 3760308520019


Manufacturing / certification(s)

  • It is entirely manufactured in France and complies with European security requirements. It obtained the Cybersecurity Made in Europe » label.
  • It also received the Security Visa in 2022 (Certificate ANSSI-CSPN-2022/06). In addition, it is qualified by Microsoft and natively integrated into the Microsoft environment.

Easy to use

No software to install on your computer.

Ultra-secure solution

  • Based on the principle of asymmetric cryptography, with the creation of a private key and a public key. The public key is stored on the website and is used to encrypt files. Only the private (secret) key can decrypt these files. The private key is stored on the Winkeo-A FIDO2 key and never leaves it, thus guaranteeing optimal security.
  • If your password or public key is stolen, there is no risk, because you need the private key to authenticate yourself.
  • Protection against phishing, to replace vulnerable solutions based on SMS, OTP (One Time Password) or TOTP (Time Based One Password).

Storage of multiple identities

Identity storage on Common Criteria EAL5+ certified smart card
It is possible to store up to 200 identities on a token.

Wide compatibility

  • FIDO2 compatible with: Windows 10/11 associated with Azure Active Directory...
  • FIDO U2F compatible with: G Suite, Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, GitHub, Gluu, WordPress, OVH, FastMail, Salesforce, Zimbra, Office 365...
  • Extended compatibility (Zimbra, Office 365, etc.) through identity federation services (WebSSO)

Supported operating systems and browsers

  • Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS et Linux
  • Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari


USB-A connection with smart card protected from mechanical and electrical shock.
Capacitive button for physical presence test.

Additional information

Weight 6 g
Dimensions 51 × 17 × 9 mm


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